Dental Blue FT - Termination of Coverage

Termination of Coverage


You do not have to worry that your membership in Dental Blue Freedom will be canceled because you are using your benefits or because you will need more covered dental services in the future. Your membership in Dental Blue Freedom will be canceled only when:

  • The subscriber chooses to cancel his or her contract as permitted by the plan sponsor. The subscriber may do so at any time for any reason by sending a written notice to the plan sponsor. Blue Cross and Blue Shield must receive the termination request from the plan sponsor not more than 30 days after the subscriber’s termination date.
  • The subscriber loses eligibility for health care coverage with the group. This means: the subscriber’s hours are reduced; or the subscriber leaves the job; or the subscriber no longer meets the rules set by the group for eligibility in Dental Blue Freedom.
  • You lose eligibility as a dependent under the subscriber’s membership. When a dependent child loses eligibility for coverage, the termination date of membership in Dental Blue Freedom will be the date on which eligibility is lost.
  • The subscriber dies.
  • You committed misrepresentation or fraud to Blue Cross and Blue Shield. For example, you gave false or misleading information on the enrollment application form. Or, you misused the Dental Blue Freedom identification card by letting another person not enrolled in Dental Blue Freedom attempt to get benefits. This termination will go back to your effective date. Or, it will go back to the date of the misrepresentation or fraud, as determined by Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
  • You commit acts of physical or verbal abuse that pose a threat to dentists or other members and that are not related to your physical condition or mental condition.
  • The subscriber’s group terminates (or does not renew) Dental Blue Freedom.

In any of these situations, your membership in Dental Blue Freedom will be terminated as of the date you lose eligibility.