Hartford PT - AD&D - Definitions



Active Employee means an employee who works for the Employer on a regular basis in the usual course of the Employer’s business. This must be at least the number of hours shown in the Schedule of Insurance.

Actively at Work means at work with Your Employer on a day that is one of Your Employer’s scheduled workdays. On that day, You must be performing for wage or profit all of the regular duties of Your job:

  1. in the usual way; and
  2. for Your usual number of hours.

We will also consider You to be Actively At Work on any regularly scheduled vacation day or holiday, only if You were Actively At Work on the preceding scheduled work day.

Actively at Work does not include everyday travel to and from work.

Common Carrier means a conveyance operated by a concern, other than the Policyholder, organized and licensed for the transportation of passengers for hire and operated by that concern.

Common Carrier will not mean any such conveyance which is hired or used for a sport, gamesmanship, contest, sightseeing, observatory and/or recreational activity, regardless of whether such conveyance is licensed.

Employer means the Policyholder.

Injury means bodily injury resulting:

  1. directly from an accident; and
  2. independently of all other causes;

which occurs while You are covered under The Policy.

Loss resulting from:

  1. sickness or disease, except a pus-forming infection which occurs through an accidental wound; or
  2. medical or surgical treatment of a sickness or disease;

is not considered as resulting from Injury.

Motor Vehicle means a self-propelled, four (4) or more wheeled:

  1. private passenger: car, station wagon, van or sport utility vehicle;
  2. motor home or camper; or
  3. pick-up truck;

not being used as a Common Carrier.

A Motor Vehicle does not include farm equipment, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, lawnmowers or any other type of equipment vehicles.

Non-Contributory Coverage means coverage for which You are not required to contribute toward the cost. Non-Contributory Coverage is shown in the Schedule of Insurance.

Normal Retirement Age means the Social Security Normal Retirement Age under the most recent amendments to the United States Social Security Act. It is determined by Your date of birth, as follows:

Year of Birth
1937 or before
1943 through 1954
1960 or after
Normal Retirement Age
65 + 2 months
65 + 4 months
65 + 6 months
65 + 8 months
65 + 10 months
66 + 2 months
66 + 4 months
66 + 6 months
66 + 8 months
66 + 10 months

On means, when used with reference to any conveyance (land, water or air), in or on, boarding or alighting from the conveyance.

Physician means a person who is:

  1. a doctor of medicine, osteopathy, psychology or other legally qualified practitioner of a healing art that We recognize or are required by law to recognize;
  2. licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where care is being given;
  3. practicing within the scope of that license; and
  4. not Related to You by blood or marriage.

Prior Policy means the group life insurance Policy carried by Your Policyholder on the day before the Policy Effective Date and will only include the coverage which is transferred to Us.

Related means Your spouse, or other adult living with You, or Your sibling, parent, step-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, son, daughter, or grandchild.

The Policy means the policy which We issued to the Policyholder under the Policy Number shown on the face page.

We, Us or Our means the insurance company named on the face page of The Policy.

You or Your means the person to whom this certificate is issued.