You may have contributions made on your behalf reciprocated (forwarded) to the Employee Health & Welfare Fund when you work in an area where Employer Contributions are made to another Health & Welfare Fund if:

  • There exists a reciprocal agreement between the Teamsters Local 170 Health & Welfare Fund and the other fund; and
  • You have provided both funds with a written request to have the contributions reciprocated (made on your behalf).

You will not receive credit for hours worked in another area until reciprocated contributions are received by the Teamsters Local 170 Health & Welfare Fund, see “Continuing Eligibility with Reciprocal Contributions”. However, you may continue eligibility by making self-payments, if necessary. See Pay-In Provision under Full or Part-Time Participation.

IMPORTANT: You should complete the proper form immediately upon working in another Fund’s area so that you do no lose credit for any time worked. Contact the Local 170 Union Business Office or the administration office of the other plan or call Teamsters Local 170 Health & Welfare Fund office for help.

Most reciprocal agreements have deadlines concerning the transferring of contributions. If you wait too long to apply, benefits may be lost.

Reciprocal agreements are established so that members can have hours and contributions transferred back to their home Health & Welfare Fund. The home Health & Welfare Fund as defined in the reciprocal agreement is the Fund to which your Home Local Union is a party. Reciprocal agreements are not intended to allow anyone to pick and choose which Health & Welfare Fund they want their contributions to be transferred to or to remain in.

Continuing Eligibility With Reciprocate Contributions

If a contributing employer has paid contributions on your behalf into another health & welfare fund, and the contributions have not been reciprocated back to this Fund in a timely manner, which you need for eligibility, credit shall be given to you for the purposes of your continued eligibility based on the eligibility rules of the Plan, provided that all of the following conditions have been satisfied:

  • Your employer is a signatory to a Collective Bargaining Agreement or Assent of Participation with a Union affiliated with Teamsters Local 170.
  • There is a Reciprocity Agreement in effect between the Plan to which payment has been made and this Plan.
  • Contribution Payment has been made to the affiliated Health & Welfare Plan associated with reciprocal agreement.
  • You have requested reciprocity transfer of the contribution back to this Fund as your Home Fund in a timely manner.
  • The reason why the contributions have not been transferred to this Fund is because of some delay in the reciprocity transfer of funds and not because of any issue of dispute which could jeopardize the transfer of contributions.
  • The other Fund cooperates with Teamsters Local 170 Health & Welfare Fund and provides the Teamsters Local 170 Health & Welfare Fund Office with all necessary information so that proper credit can be given to you.